Hong Kong

Top 10 Best 5 Star Hotels in Hong Kong

We love Hong Kong! No city offers such a great mix of East and West. The former British colony is now officially a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. Hong Kong is one of the wealthiest cities in the world thanks to its strategic location on the shores of the South China Sea and Pearl River Delta and centuries of trade and commerce. Hong Kong attracts millions of visitors each year for business, shopping and leisure. Our team also values the diverse and outstanding culinary scene with many authentic and creative Michelin-starred restaurants. And after dinner dozens of luxury hotels are available to provide a comfortable nights stay. We judged and ranked the Top 10 best hotels in Hong Kong with our team of international travel experts. Luxury travelers are well catered for with a Top 10 packed with the best hotels in the region. From extremely stylish retreats to world class luxury hotels with city spas, butler service and chauffeured Rolls-Royces.

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10. Hotel ICON Hong Kong

Hotel ICON Hong Kong

9. Cordis Hotel Hong Kong

Cordis Hotel Hong Kong

8. Island Shangri-La Hong Kong

Island Shangri-La Hong Kong

7. The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

6. The Peninsula Hong Kong

The Peninsula Hong Kong

5. Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

4. The St Regis Hong Kong

The St Regis Hong Kong

3. Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

2. The Upper House Hong Kong

The Upper House Hong Kong

1. Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

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