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Welcome to Lusso Hotels, your ultimate guide to the world’s finest hotels, carefully curated by travel destination. Founded in 2020 during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lusso Hotels was born from a passion for travel and a belief in the enduring allure of exploration.


At Lusso Hotels, we’re dedicated to elevating your travel experiences. Our mission is to inspire and guide travelers to discover the most exceptional hotels worldwide. We’re committed to showcasing only the best and most exclusive destinations, sharing unforgettable experiences that transcend borders and cultures, and broadening horizons along the way.

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Meet the dedicated team behind Lusso Hotels

Des Sellmeyer


Meet Des, a proud Amsterdam native who founded GTspirit in 2005 and has since explored the world as a car and lifestyle journalist. With a passion for skiing and traveling, he brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to his work, always eager to discover new destinations and uncover hidden hotel gems.

Favorite destinations:  Italy, Hong Kong, Japan

Javier Álvarez

Senior Editor

Javier from Madrid, immersed in the worlds of cars and hotels for over 15 years, uncovers captivating stories and hidden hotel gems on his globe-trotting adventures. He cherishes connecting with people, sharing experiences, and forging meaningful connections that enrich his travels and deepen his understanding of the world.

Favorite destinations: Mexico, South Africa, United States

Zaid Hamid

Senior Editor

Hailing from the vibrant city of London, Zaid has been a valued member of the GTspirit team since 2011. He embarks on culinary adventures and exotic travels, sharing his stories with others. Ambitious and adventurous, he continually seeks new experiences and flavors to enrich his journey through life.

Favorite destinations:  Maldives, Italy, Switzerland 


In addition to our core team, we are grateful for the contributions of numerous talented travel experts and guest reporters who help make Lusso Hotels possible. Their insights and expertise enhance the quality and diversity of our content.

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