Park Hotel Vitznau

Top 10 Best 5 Star Hotels in Switzerland

Switzerland; the land of mountains, chocolate and luxury hotels. Few countries have such a high number of mondaine towns and cities where the global elites love to mingle with the local upper class. From mountain resorts like Sankt Moritz and Gstaad to urban center like Zurich and Geneva. Our Top 10 best hotels in Switzerland is compiled by our team of travel editors.  

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10. Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva

Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva         

9. The View Lugano

The View Lugano

8. Park Hotel Vitznau

Park Hotel Vitznau

7. Chedi Andermatt

Chedi Andermatt

6.The Alpina Gstaad

The Alpina Gstaad

5. Hotel Villa Honegg

Hotel Villa Honegg

4. Baur au Lac Zurich

Baur au Lac Zurich

3. Cervo Zermatt

Cervo Zermatt

2. Kulm Sankt Moritz

Kulm Sankt Moritz

1. The Omnia Zermatt

The Omnia Zermatt

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